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You’re about to access the insights of Harry Dent through the exclusive HS Dent Forecast.

Harry is a regular on Fox News, CNN, Fortune, and the Wall Street Journal. Known for his accurate predictions of events like the dot-com bubble and the 1989 recession, Dent is now sounding the alarm…

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Imagine having exclusive access to the mind of the most astute economic forecaster of our time, Harry Dent, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

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Twelve issues of the HS Dent Forecast
Every month, you’ll get an in-depth look at the unique economic indicators, global demographic trends, spending wave indicators, and other relevant cycles that can help you identify the next profitable trend.

3x Weekly Email Updates
Keep your finger on the pulse with three crucial email updates, directly from Harry Dent and his partner Rodney Johnson each week.

Exclusive ‘Harry’s Rant’ Videos
Enjoy watching Harry’s raw and unfiltered take, as he details all of the latest breaking updates in the world of finance.

Real-Time Subscriber-Only Updates
Be the first to know! There are perks to being a subscriber, and one of those perks is unfiltered updates directly from Harry as the market moves.

The Weekly Wrap
Enjoy reading Rodney’s Friday highlights of the economic data and trends from the previous week. This is where you get a quick, easy-to-understand analysis of topics such as housing starts, consumer price data, GDP, and Fed actions.

A Dedicated Customer Care Team
If you have questions about your subscription or need guidance on using any of the resources we’re giving you, just send our team an email. We’re here to help with whatever you may need.

And for $249, that's not all you get...

Join today and get instant access to 9 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES:

Get Rodney Johnson’s suite of expert financial insights to protect your future wealth.

Rodney has spent two decades researching how people spend money in predictable patterns. He uses that knowledge to estimate how our economy and financial markets will change in the years ahead. Rodney started working on projects with Harry in the mid-1990s. He’s regularly appeared on radio shows across the country and has been featured on CNBC, Fox News, and Fox Business, where he has discussed economic trends ranging from the price of oil to the direction of the U.S. economy.

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Twelve issues of The Rodney Johnson Report
Get regular Trade Alerts and a full analysis of financial, economic, demographic, and social trends to give you a view of what lies in the weeks or years ahead.

Rodney’s Analysis and Forecast
Get deep insight into the world of analysis and forecasting to help shine a light on how you can effectively grow your portfolio while managing risk.

Model Investment Portfolio
If all you got for $249 was Rodney Johnson’s model investment portfolio, it would be well worth it. With Rodney’s sharp, economic insights, you can easily emulate his success in your portfolio.

The Weekly Wrap
This is where you’ll get a quick, easy-to-understand analysis of topics such as housing starts, consumer price data, GDP, and Fed actions.

FREE Report:
The Problem with Real Estate –

    • Learn how to protect yourself from a real estate crash.
    • Explore the latest real estate bubble and what you should do next
    • Discover how government and central bank manipulation has affected the living standards of Millennials and Gen Z.
    • Understand how investor attention has crippled homebuyers.
    • Get the latest on global real estate and the future influence of China on the global economy.
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FREE Report
It’s All So Predictable…Until It Isn’t

    • Get in-depth analysis of consumer lifestyles and spending.
    • Learn how Consumer Life Cycles affect you at each stage of life, and why we buy certain things when we do.
    • Compare how the future looks different for young adults vs. Boomers.
    • See how the decline of newborn children affects the world economy now… and in the future.
    • Understand how all of this affects your bottom line.

FREE Report:
Generations Affect Everything: Financial Cycles, Economic Season and Spending 

    • Explore relevant financial cycles, when they hit, and how they affect future crashes and booms.
    • Know how we got here and what the economic future holds.
    • Find out more about Demographics and Generational Cycles and how they make a difference for you.
    • Learn the patterns that determine what people are buying at any given time.
    • Discern the difference between developed nations and developing nations in the coming decades.

Special Bonus:
A Video Directly from Harry Dent –

  • Don’t miss Harry’s unique insights on when the crash of our lifetime is coming and why it was delayed. This video is a MUST-SEE!

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