Welcome to our flagship publications!  With the HS Dent Forecast / Rodney Johnson Report Bundle, subscribers receive two publications every month, one from Harry Dent around the first of the month and one from Rodney Johnson around the middle of the month.  Charles Sizemore publishes the Sizemore Income Letter near the end of the month.  Samples of each newsletter are below.

HS Dent Forecast Sample

In the HS Dent Forecast, Harry covers macroeconomic changes and events both in the U.S. and around the world, encompassing everything from demographics to global debt.  He also uses technical analysis and cycles, including his proprietary cycle work, to let readers know what lies ahead.  Whether you run a small business, a large business, or just your personal investment portfolio, Harry’s research is a “must-have” item.

The Rodney Johnson Report Sample

In the Rodney Johnson Report, Rodney dives deep into the financial plumbing of the markets and the economy discussing, among other things, central banks, cryptocurrency, and emerging electric vehicles.  He provides insight into how the markets are trending, and also maintains two investment portfolios for subscribers.  Rodney provides specific buys and sells for a main portfolio that focuses on a mixture of growth and income, as well as a speculative or “home run” portfolio meant to identify big winners before they take off.  Recently he suggested readers pick up restaurant stocks ahead of the reopening of the economy in the summer of 2020, and then SPACs focused on electric vehicles before they merged. 

The Sizemore Income Letter

Every month, Charles Sizemore writes to his subscribers about one thing, cash flow. The Sizemore Income Letter is dedicated to finding low-risk investments that throw off significant cash flow, allowing readers to boost their portfolio value without chasing growth. This search often leads Charles into beaten-down sectors of the markets, which is just fine. He doesn’t search for the latest high-tech name or fashionable industry, he seeks out secure streams of income.

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Analysis & Forecast

Rodney Johnson Report

In addition to analysis and forecasts, Rodney also maintains a model portfolio meant to reflect his general investment views, incorporating his analysis and that of Harry Dent.

Surveying the investment landscape

Sizemore Income Letter

There is a corner of the markets where this doesn’t happen, closed-end funds. Such funds have a set number of shares outstanding that don’t change when more, or fewer, investors want to own shares. 

Teaching Proven Concepts And Strategies

HS Dent Forecast

Harry has no axe to grind, no marketing to push. He gives subscribers his unvarnished view of what lies ahead, even when it’s not good news. From the value of your home to the expected returns in your retirement account, Harry covers many areas of financial life.