Insane Markets and Potential Profits Webinar


A Recorded Webinar with Harry Dent, John del Vecchio, and J.C. Parets

Investors are getting hit from every direction—and Congress, Evergrande, and the Federal Reserve are all adding to the current volatility.  The markets are sitting on a powder keg of unsustainable debt, just waiting for the right spark to create an epic explosion.  

But there’s always the potential for profit, if you know where to look.  

Join John del Vecchio, J.C. Parets, and me for a recorded webinar on Saturday, October 16 at 10AM EDT / 9AM CDT.  First, I’ll walk you through where we are in the markets. Next, John will reveal two investments with incredible profit potential no matter what happens in the markets. Finally, J.C. Parets will dive into the crypto markets, showing you how to earn great returns away from traditional stocks and bonds and highlighting a cryptocurrency investment that’s ready to take off!

Don’t miss out! 

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