The HSD Forecast and The Rodney Johnson Report

$249.00 / year

Each month Harry Dent examines demographic, cyclical, and economic trends to give you the power to make informed decisions.

Harry has no axe to grind, no marketing to push. He gives subscribers his unvarnished view of what lies ahead, even when it’s not good news. From the value of your home to the expected returns in your retirement account, Harry covers many areas of financial life, providing you with analysis that can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and constant worry.

Each month Rodney Johnson analyzes financial, economic, demographic, and social trends to give you a view of what lies in the weeks or years ahead.

From birth rates to pension funding, and interest rates to the price of oil, Rodney considers many industries and trends that affect our daily lives and shape our financial futures. Like Harry, Rodney doesn’t have a marketing message to push, so he’ll provide you with a clear assessment of how things stand.

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