The Market Crash Around the Corner Webinar


Are you ready for a potential crash that’s worse than 2008-2009? Are you ready to make money during the downturn?

After all the stimulus spending related to COVID, I called the top of the equity markets in December, 2021.  Since then, the Nasdaq fell by more than 35% while the S&P fell more than 20%.  The pain isn’t over.  While equities have regained some ground, I think that the next downturn is imminent.

The banking crisis isn’t over, and we haven’t done anything about our massive debt. We’ve got tough times ahead, but there’s always the potential for profit, if you know where to look.

Join me as I cover major trends in the economy and markets, and tell you where I think we’re headed in the weeks and months to come.  After my presentation, we’ll open the floor for questions.


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