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Unbounded Wealth: Microcap Millions

Each month, John sends his subscribers trades from his proven trading system, Unbounded Wealth: Microcap Millions, that they can put to work RIGHT NOW. As a subscriber, you can implement his stand-alone program easily in just a few minutes each week, by buying stocks with great potential that travel under the radar of big institutions.

The Unbounded Wealth: Microcap Millions system holds a very manageable 10 stocks in its portfolio. When the portfolio changes, John will notify you over the weekend of the stocks you should buy and sell on Monday.  

This is one of the best parts of his system!  

John could have called this program the “weekend trader” or the “barbeque rebalancing approach.”  With Unbounded Wealth: Microcap Millions, you won’t have to stare at a screen during trading hours or constantly check your email every day for a trade alert.  That’s for amateurs, who sweat out every minute that the markets are open.  Instead, his professional investment approach gives you all of the information you’ll need, and he sends that information specifically when the markets are closed, to allow you to calmly set up your trades for the next market day.  

Even better, often his system won’t call for a change, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your profits.

Unlike other approaches, John’s returns are based on the closing prices on Monday, so there’s no rush to place trades at the open.  Again, buying and selling at the open is the mark of inexperience. There’s an old saying on Wall Street, “Amateurs open and pros close.” Institutions trade near the end of the day, and so does John.  

John has been running his system since July 2019.  Through 2022, it earned more than 300%.

Backtested to 2000, Unbounded Wealth: Microcap Millions has had annual returns of 48.96% on average with a 20.48% maximum drawdown, compared with a 55.19% drawdown for the benchmark. 

In backtesting, his system had just three unprofitable years, including the ugly years of 2000 and 2008. And his system has been profitable every year it’s been live as well (since 2019) … including the most recent ugly year, 2022!

John checks his stock selections against his proprietary Risk-O-Meter, which measures the level of risk or opportunity in the markets.  If the Risk-O-Meter shows danger, or “risk off,” then John moves his model to cash.  There are only 10 positions, so it doesn’t take long.  

John’s Risk-O-Meter is based on his three decades of market experience; it can show you quickly the opportunities and risks of investing in the markets.  Factors like greed, fear, strength or weakness of stocks, trends in the fixed-income markets, and volatility combine in one simple gauge that tells you when it’s time to act.

If you can read the gas gauge on your car’s dashboard, you can understand the Risk-O-Meter.

The Risk-O-Meter is without a doubt the best tool he has for timing investments into his taxable account.  In testing, most market gains (the majority) were achieved when the Risk-O-Meter gave the green light to “back up the truck” and buy stocks. Using the Risk-O-Meter more than tripled the average stock performance with less than half of the risk!

As another bonus, each month John also sends his subscribers an update to his proprietary Forensic Accounting Stock Tracker (FAST) analysis, which he considers his life’s work.  John analyzes thousands of stocks each month, based on criteria like buybacks and earnings.  He synthesizes the list down to the top and bottom 100 stocks, which subscribers then can use in their own portfolios.  As John likes to say, if you can read a report card, you can understand his FAST report!  This report is separate from the Microcap Millions strategy and is meant for individual investors to use when looking for additional investment ideas.  

There are several ways to use FAST™ in your investing process:

  • Individual stock selection— FAST™ can help you analyze individual stocks and narrow your investment opportunities to the highest-earnings-quality equities.
  • Options trades— FAST™ is built around highlighting companies that may have big moves one way or the other during earnings reports. Options can help boost gains even more than just buying or shorting the stock and in a shorter time frame.
  • Building an entire portfolio— In just minutes, you can build a quality portfolio of solid companies that pass the FAST™ “sniff test.” 
  • As an insurance policy on your portfolio holdings— FAST™ can be used to analyze underlying stocks held in ETFs, mutual funds, or hedge funds or to analyze your broker’s recommendations. Is your ETF holding a bunch of companies that use aggressive accounting techniques? There’s only one way to find out.

By combining FAST with his proprietary Risk-O-Meter, John can estimate exactly how risky the market is at the current moment and determine whether to be in or out of the market… information he’ll share with you as a subscriber!

John’s models are not meant to provide investment advice, and this should not be considered a solicitation.

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