Sizemore Income Letter

Charles Sizemore can be found at the Freeport Society

Charles Sizemore wants to give you a raise by increasing your investment cash flow.

He earned his CFA designation early on, and realized where his heart lies. He likes cash… spendable, cold, hard, cash. To that end, he has focused on income-producing investments for almost a decade.

Sizemore Income Letter

Better research; better cash flow

Surveying the investment landscape, Charles found that most investors don’t have a portfolio large enough for individual bonds to make sense, so they often gravitate to bond funds, where other investors become a problem. If things go well, other investors pile in, diluting returns for existing shareholders. If things go poorly, some investors jump ship, driving down the share price and again hurting remaining shareholders.

There is a corner of the markets where this doesn’t happen, closed-end funds. Such funds have a set number of shares outstanding that don’t change when more, or fewer, investors want to own shares. Such funds also tend to use leverage to invest, which gives them added returns in what is currently a dismal, low-yield environment.

This is just one of the areas Charles looks at when selecting investments for the Sizemore Income Letter. He also looks for dividend stocks, real estate holdings, and energy plays. All of them have one thing in common, they throw off cash.